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Who Signs the Lease? Property Manager vs. Property Owner

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2017 03:46PM MST
Here are some important notes to remember about signers of the lease documents in LeaseRunner.
  1. The Property Manager (field in LR) is always the signer in LeaseRunner. 
  2. The Property Owner is never a signer in LeaseRunner (at least at this time).
  3. A document should contain the merge field {TenantNames} to be signed by the tenant(s), but documents will still go to the checked tenants even if the field is missing. (best practice to include it)
Even if the merge field {PropertyManager} is not included in the template, the document batch will still go to the property manager to sign. This allows the property manager the chance to cancel any batch before it is officially signed.
See all merge fields definitions
If you want to list both the name of entity and the name of the manager (like an old school signature block), our way of accomplishing this is to list a paragraph above the signature block like as follows:
"{PropertyManagerName} is signing on behalf of {PropertyManagerEntity}."

Making the property owner sign
If you want the property owner to sign the document, make sure she is a user on your LR account. If not, add her as a user at Users tab. Then, make the user the Property Manager in LR. Go to Properties > Edit Property Data > Property Manager (select the appropriate user) > Save Property


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