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Understanding How LeaseRunner Works

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 09:03AM MST
  • What is LeaseRunner?
LeaseRunner is a web application that can handle all of the important leasing tasks that a landlord needs to do. You can produce rental ads with our APPLY NOW button and post them to Zillow, craigslist, and more; send out digital rental applications, order tenant screening reports, e-sign lease documents, and enable tenants to pay their rent online. Everything is done electronically online by you or your (prospective) tenant. All transactions are communicated to the other party by email. There is no need to print or fax any documents. The paperwork is finally gone!
  • Tenants don't have access to your LeaseRunner account
You are the LeaseRunner account user. You can initiate each task or transaction from your account and your tenant will respond from her email. You should never provide your tenant with your login information or make her a user on your LeaseRunner account.
  • Driven by Email
Email is absolutely essential for every LeaseRunner transaction. If you should take one piece of information from your applicants, take the email address. Always take a unique email address from each applicant, even if they are related (e.g. husband and wife). This will make it easier on your applicants and tenants.
  • Legitimate Email Misplaced to Spam
Studies show that 20% of legitimate email is marked as spam or not delivered at all. While email is the way LeaseRunner communicates with landlords and tenants, sometime emails are misplaced to SPAM folders by its users or your applicant's email provider. If you are expecting an email from LeaseRunner, always check the spam folder, too. You should check with your applicants if an email from LeaseRunner was received especially if they use their company email vs. gmail, yahoo, etc.
  • Getting Around in LeaseRunner
Look at your property portfolio in LeaseRunner as folders. Each folder for one property.
One Property can contain multiple units. Each single-unit property or Unit (for multi-unit properties) contains Applicants and Tenants, their screening reports, signed lease documents and rent payments
The ARCHIVE on Manage Occupants page contains Past Tenants and Past Applicants and their records.

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