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What Is the Tenant Payment Center (TPC)

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2018 12:35PM MST

The Tenant Payment Center (TPC) is the secure web site, or payment gateway linked to your LeaseRunner account, where your tenants can make rent and other payments to you upon your invitation to submit their payments online. Each tenant has their own secure login.

Inviting Your Tenants
On the Dashboard > COLLECT  click Send Payment Instructions and LeaseRunner will e-mail your tenant a secure account number he will use to register on the Tenant Payment Center.  


Our Requirements
We require your tenant to verify their identity as part of the account registration process. This will occur after your tenant sets up a TPC account.

Authenticating Tenant's Bank Account
Your tenant can use one of two methods to authenticate the bank account they wish to use: Instant Account Verification or Micro-charges. Instant Account Verification method requires the tenant to enter the name of their banking institution, along with their log in credentials for online banking.
Tenants without online banking, or who prefer to use the Micro-charges method, will enter their bank routing and account number, along with the name on the account. LeaseRunner will ping their account with two micro-charges, both less than $1.00 each. The tenant finds those two charges in their bank account within 1-2 business days and return to their Tenant Payment Center account to enter the two amounts. This process verifies that the account information was entered correctly by the tenant in their Tenant Payment Center account.

Making a Payment
As soon as your tenant's identity and bank account are authenticated, your tenant can can make a payment. This can be within minutes from setting up the account (most cases) or it can take up to 3 business days based on the authentication method the tenant selects.  

Multiple Payments
If your tenant is due multiple payments, e.g. security deposit, monthly rent, or additional fees, they can sum all payments into one and edit the pre-populated rent amount. Please note there is a $6500 limit for each payment.
To prevent accidental duplicate payments, and for security reasons, LeaseRunner locks the tenant's Tenant Payment Center account for a period of time after a payment is made. Tenants who need to make multiple payments can request that the pay lock be cleared by clicking a button in their account that sends an email request to customer support.

How Long Does It Take?
Payments take between five to six business days to appear in your account. If payment is initiated before 3:50 PM (MDT), it will take five business days. If initiated after 3:50 PM (MDT), you will see the funds in your account on the sixth business day! Your tenant can also sign up for Autopay, allowing him to make automatic payments to you on any day of the month. 

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