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E-signing Lease Documents

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 03:17PM MST
After you send the documents, the primary tenant will receive them within 5 minutes. The status will change from "Send in Progress" to "Sent".

E-signing of leases is done in a sequential order.  By batching and sending your documents you are starting the process.  After the first tenant e-signs the documents the batch is automatically emailed to the next tenant, if applicable, until the batch reaches the landlord/property manager as the final signer.

Tenants E-sign

LeaseRunner will automatically request a signature from each of your approved tenants moved into the Unit you are leasing. So, if you have approved two tenants LeaseRunner will send the document to the primary tenant's* email address first. When the primary tenant signs, LeaseRunner emails the document to the second tenant's email address. 
* Primary tenant is first on the list of tenants.

Property Manager E-signs

When all tenants sign, the person listed as Property Manager will receive the documents for e-signature.
The Property manager always executes the document as the last person to sign. When completed, all parties will receive the signed document to their email address.

E-signing Process

Each party will receive an email coming from the LeaseRunner Team and will be prompted to open the document and e-sign or initial every signature point in the document. Each signer will simply type in their name or initials where prompted. The system will apply unique "handwriting" to each signer, record the email and IP address, date, and printed name.  The document will be sent to the next signer once signed by the first signer.

Storing the Document

Signed documents are automatically stored at each Tenant Details page. If your tenant moves out, you will "Move Out" the tenant from the Manage Occupants page to Past Tenants in the ARCHIVE

You can always search for any records by the tenant's name to retrieve any existing or expired documents.

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Tenant's view of the lease document

Example of e-signing

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