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Building Lease Document Batch

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2018 01:07PM MST
Before you build lease documents:

1. Review document templates you will use
Make sure you are happy with the 
document template that you choose to use. You can review, "Duplicate" and "Edit" any document templates in our library (Templates tab) prior to building lease documents. 

2. Select your tenant and set lease dates:

You are able to build and email lease documents for e-signature only after you have selected (moved- in) a tenant and set lease dates


To build lease documents:

  1. On Dashboard, click on LEASE > Select Property/Unit (if your account contains multiple properties and/or units).
  2. Chose tenants, select appropriate document templates, reorder them so the Lease Agreement is on top.
  3. Preview the documents populated with the property and tenant data. You can click the lease terms in blue font and make changes. If you wish to edit the template (black text), cancel out of the document builder and go to the Templates tab to make the appropriate edit to the template.
  4. If you are happy with the document, email it for e-signature. You may be asked for a credit card if it's not already saved in your account. You will be charged $30 after all parties sign. 

It takes about 5 minutes for the document to land in your tenant's inbox. The signing is done in sequential order. The document goes first to the Primary tenant (first listed on the document). When the Primary tenant signs, it goes to the other signers one by one. The property manager is the last person to sign and executes the lease. All parties are emailed a copy of the e-signed lease document.

See example of the Document Builder: 

Example of populated document at a Preview page. 

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