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Lease Document Templates (Create/Edit)

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2017 03:43PM MST

Under the Templates tab in your LeaseRunner account, you will find lease templates for all 50 US states.
You can use our document templates, edit them, or create your own. 

Variable Fields
Our document templates include variable fields that automatically populate the lease documents with your property, unit, and tenants' data by a click of a button. If you use them in your custom documents, variable fields can save you a lot of work in the future drafting documents for each tenant. 

Create a Custom Template
Using Create New button, open the text editor.
To copy and paste your own lease, make sure to strip any formatting in your Word document prior to pasting it to the text field. Then insert any variable fields where appropriate.

Formatting Your Custom Template (see screenshot)
The Template Info section will help you configure you document so it works for your property type and your state.

  1. Status: Active status will make your documents appear in a list of possible documents to batch for e-signing.  The Draft status will only save your document template. It will therefore not appear in a list of possible documents to batch for e-signing. 
  2. All States or State-Specific: This selection configures whether your document will be available only for properties within your LeaseRunner account with a specific State, or for all properties. An example of a document that would be available for any state would be a Pet Agreement.
  3. Cosigner Agreement?: Check this box only if this document will be a cosigner agreement signed by a 3rd party.
    Checking this box will request a signature from the cosigner but not from the tenants. Only Cosigner Agreement is being signed by the cosigner. The cosigner doesn't sign any other documents.
  4. Document Variables: Document variables will automatically pull the data entered into Properties, Units, and Tenants into your document. Simply insert the document variable where appropriate. You will not have to edit (i.e. "hard code") your document template every time your tenants change in your unit. It always pulls the variable data from your LeaseRunner account e.g. Tenant Names, Rent Amount, Late Fees, etc.  Document Variables Definitions
  5. Copy & Paste from Your Existing Document:
  • First, clear formatting from your existing document
  • Copy and paste the content into the LeaseRunner text editor (big white space).
  • Insert variable fields where appropriate.
  • Mark it as Active and Save Document
Note: To populate the document, go to the LEASE button on your Dashboard, select the appropriate Property and Unit.


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